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Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Forty - 21 November 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Forty - 21 November 2023 - Page 8

Israel’s incursion ...

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Countries were to be occupied, and a Jewish government was to be established. This is why Muslims have to be killed. Therefore, genocide has been an integral part of the formation of this state from the beginning. War crimes have no meaning in Judaism. What exists is genocide, and they openly declare it. According to their belief, Christians and Muslims must be expelled from Palestine, which is why you see them bombing both mosques and churches to make this area entirely Jewish. It is interesting that Netanyahu, in the few years he has been in power, used the term “Jewish government” instead of the government of Israel, indicating a nationalist direction. In other words, the religious government of Israel has also turned into Judaism and a nationalist government.
Iran’s Islamic Revolution rejected both mystical and philosophical humanism. When the Palestinians and Lebanese came to Imam Khomeini, he said a popular movement should be formed. Yasser Arafat’s organization-centered theory failed, and now the self-governing organizations on the western side of the Jordan River are anti-Palestinian people and yield no benefit for Palestinians. To these organizations, Palestinians are subjects. Look at Mahmoud Abbas’s multi-million dollar palace in Ramallah. He is an Israeli security agent assigned to control Palestinians on the West Bank.
Now, Hamas, the force of the Gazans, is becoming more and more popular. Hamas is people-centric, not subject-centric. That’s why Hamas cannot be separated from the people of Gaza, and the people of Gaza cannot abandon Hamas despite all the martyrs. Hamas and Gazans are strongly intertwined, and they cannot be eradicated. Palestinians are being killed every day, whether they be young, old, men, or women.
Islamic fervor has surged worldwide, challenging criminal, corrupt, and unethical capitalism. Now, Islam is being advocated. Across the globe, and even in America, a belief is emerging among the youth that Islam is the only path to salvation and happiness. In the past, what opposed global capitalism was communism, which was not very ethical either and was based on dictatorship and massacre. But now, global Islam, especially with its Iranian interpretation, which is based on the concepts of Ummah and Imam, is becoming widespread.
Media-centric outlets like radio and television have failed worldwide, and social networks have triumphed. Now, because of social networks, people are taking to the streets in support of Palestine. France made great efforts to prevent anyone from coming to the streets, but the crisis it worried would occur occurred anyway because of social networks. Radio and television networks, which were once unifying, have been pushed aside. Now, people and social media are positioned against the elite and subject-centric media worldwide.
In the epistemological and paradigmatic revolution happening in the humanities as well as the experimental sciences, people-centeredness takes the place of human sciences. This means that populist sciences are replacing human sciences. That’s why anthropology is now fundamental worldwide, replacing communications and sociology. A cognitive revolution is emerging in universities and in religion. The pope-centric religion is no longer significant, and a people-centric Christianity is emerging.
The Palestinians have roots in the land of Palestine, and they belong to that geography. They are being killed in their homes. The Israelis, who have no roots there, came from the other side of the world, and all of them have multiple passports. It was not intended for them to stay in Israel. They went there to establish a headquarters for making money and to create a global Jewish government from the Nile to the Euphrates with their own World Bank. Essentially, the globalization of Jews was planned to allow Jews and Israel to dominate from the Nile to the Euphrates. Israel is extraneous to the region. The anti-Netanyahu movement that is growing inside Israel basically says, “We want to live here and have an Israeli and non-Western culture.” This is another war that the Israeli cabinet is already fighting.
Israel’s aggression is not in self-defense. Rather, it is in defense of occupation. According to United Nations resolutions, that land is occupied, and everyone says so. The Israelis have committed crimes in this occupied land, and the indigenous people of Palestine have every right, according to international law, to attack the Israelis and kill them because they have occupied their land. Even if the Israelis say they bought some pieces of land, they have seized the rest of the territories and killed or displaced their owners. Therefore, Israel’s aggression is not in self-defense. A specific group of people with their specific culture have always lived in that specific land. Israelis, contrastingly, came from the West and wanted to Westernize the land. So, they are invaders and occupiers.
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