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Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Forty - 21 November 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Forty - 21 November 2023 - Page 3

Immerse yourself in enchanting beauty of Asyab Kharabeh waterfall in Jolfa

In the heart of a mountainous forest, imagine a tall enclosed wall covered in lush greenery, with a gushing waterfall cascading down from its top. As the water droplets gently sprinkle you, the soothing sound of the waterfall blocks out any other noise. It’s unlikely that you would find yourself in such a place and not forget about your fatigue and troubles, at least for a few hours.
If you desire to escape the city and its problems and immerse yourself in untouched nature, Asyab Kharabeh waterfall (literally meaning broken watermill waterfall) is the perfect place for you. This waterfall is one of the tourist attractions in East Azarbaijan Province, known by this name due to its proximity to the old watermills, wrote.
The picturesque Asyab Kharabeh waterfall is located approximately 27 kilometers from the city of Hadishahr, and five kilometers from Manjan Abad village, on the outskirts of the Aras River. The main waterfall is about 15 meters high. Its water is supplied by a spring originating from Kiyamaki Mountain, one of the tall mountains in the Dizmar-e Gharbi rural district of Arasbaran and the city of Marand.
After descending, the waterfall joins a stream running at the bottom of the valley and flows northward. Additionally, on the right side of the valley, other small and large waterfalls can be seen, creating a beautiful natural symphony. The Asyab Kharabeh waterfall is supplied by multiple springs originating from the top of Kiyamaki Mountain. If you look to the right side of the valley, you will witness an abundance of these waterfalls, creating a magnificent view.
Not only does the presence of small waterfalls alongside the main waterfall add to its beauty, but the combination of their sounds also creates a grand music concert that no listener can pass by indifferently.
The walls of the waterfall are adorned with various aquatic plants, creating a velvety surface of beauty. There are also abundant fig trees surrounding the waterfall, enhancing its lushness and beauty.
If you wish, you can bring camping gear and have a picnic near the waterfall, spending a full day there. In the tourist complex of Asyab Kharabeh waterfall, there is a parking lot, a restaurant, a buffet, and sanitary facilities available for a small entrance fee.
The area where Asyab Kharabeh waterfall is located has pleasant and cool weather in the spring and summer, making it an ideal destination for travel and exploration during these seasons. In autumn, the colorful nature and environment of the waterfall provide a perfect opportunity to capture beautiful and unforgettable images.
However, perhaps the most captivating image of Asyab Kharabeh waterfall can be seen in winter. When the water freezes due to severe cold, it creates a dreamlike scenery for which it is worth enduring the cold.

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