Modernity, safety main criteria in construction: Minister

Construction has become one of the fastest growing sectors of economy, said Batir Zakirov, the Uzbek minister on construction.
Within the framework of the «Obod qishloq» and «Obod mahalla» programs, 1944 comprehensive master plans for mahallas (neighborhoods) were prepared in the Central Asian country with a large number of socio-economic problems, he added.
“The strategy and roadmap for the modernization and innovative development of the construction network for 2021-25 were also approved. It is important to note that within the framework of these documents a number of measures and reforms have been implemented and certain results have been achieved.”
In order to introduce modern standards and technologies, cooperation has been established with advanced foreign countries, Zakirov said.
Today, the works and services carried out in the construction sector in Uzbekistan serve not only as a base for strengthening the national economy, but also as an important tool in finding solutions to urgent problems in the social direction, the minister noted adding that the buildings create a new way of life in New Uzbekistan.


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