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Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Thirty Nine - 20 November 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Thirty Nine - 20 November 2023 - Page 4

Bibi, Biden irreversibly damaged by Gaza aggression

By Syed Ali Hassan
Iran Daily’s correspondent in Pakistan
As the Abraham accord was gaining traction, with Bahrain, Morocco, and the UAE normalizing relations with Israel and Saudi Arabia negotiating the same, the Palestinian cause was being gradually forgotten in the days leading up to October 7, 2023. Faced with that prospect, the zealous people of Gaza had no choice but to sacrifice their lives to awaken the conscience of the Muslim Ummah and the international community. On October 7, the Palestinians did just that.
Tel Aviv had been anticipating this reaction from the people of Gaza. The despotic Israeli cabinet did its best to label Hamas’s reaction as terrorism and subdue Gazans. The manner in which Netanyahu made President Biden’s administration dance to his tune after Hamas’s October 7 response is disgraceful for a power like the United States. Historians documenting the recent bout of Israeli aggression on Gaza will surely express utter surprise at Netanyahu’s manipulation of the Biden administration and consider it a shameful episode in the history of the United States.
Yet, the damage inflicted on Israel, particularly the blow to its illusory dominance, will not be rectified for years. Its agencies, media, and civil society activists are questioning Netanyahu and his far-right cabinet for neglecting Israel’s national security.
Despite international objections, including those from the United Nations, and the grief and anger of Palestinians, Netanyahu was persistently building illegal Jewish settlements on Arab lands. However, now it seems unlikely that Israel will encroach on Arab land without facing consequences from the international community.
Sensing a shift in the public sentiment in opposition to Israel’s brutal bombings, Western governments have started reconsidering their murderous, unilateral policies. Another significant loss for Israel is that the Abraham Accords initiative is nearing its premature conclusion. All in all, the outlook for Israel is bleak.
Israel’s plan to invade Gaza has failed, and it is now facing a prolonged war that may last for months or even years. Military strategists are convinced that Israel will not be able to eliminate Hamas, though the Gaza massacre may indeed lead to the end of Netanyahu and Biden’s political careers.
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