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Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Eight - 07 November 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Eight - 07 November 2023 - Page 4

Leader: US directly involved in masterminding Gaza war

He made the remarks in a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani in Tehran on Monday.
The Leader expressed confidence that the Americans are definitely complicit in the Israeli regime’s crimes in Gaza.
“Since the very first days of the Zionist regime’s attacks, all the evidence and indications show the direct involvement of the Americans in running the war,” he said.
As the war goes on, Ayatollah Khamenei added, the reasons behind the US’s direct role in leading Israel’s crimes would become more explicit.
The Leader stated that the Israeli regime cannot continue the war if the US does not provide it with military and political aid.
Despite the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza, the Israeli regime is the “main loser” of the ongoing war because it has failed to restore its lost reputation and would be unable to gain it in the future, he asserted.
Ayatollah Khamenei also hailed the “good and strong” stance of the Iraqi government in supporting the Palestinian people in Gaza and urged the Muslim world to exert political pressure on the US and Israel to end the killing of the civilians in the besieged strip.
As an important country in the region, Iraq can play a special role in this regard and form a new front in the Arab and Muslim world, he said.
The Iraqi prime minister, for his part, said Hamas’ Operation Al-Aqsa Storm was a heroic operation that brought happiness to all the free people of the world.
Sudani lamented Israel’s brutal attacks in Gaza which he described as a “collective revenge” against the people of the small area.
The Iraqi government has made great political efforts to put an end to Israel’s crimes in Gaza and send food and medicine to its people, he said.
Sudani-Raisi meeting
Earlier in the day, the Iraqi prime minister held separate talks with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.
Raeisi said the Israeli regime, heavily backed by the US and certain European countries, is committing heinous crimes against humanity and genocide in Palestine, particularly against children.
“We believe that the [Israeli] bombardments [against Gaza] must be stopped as soon as possible and a cease-fire must be established,” he said.
He emphasized the need to send aid to the “oppressed” yet “powerful” people of Gaza as soon as possible.
The president further said Iran cooperates with and supports any measure by the Muslim, regional and international countries aimed at deterring the Israeli regime and the US from massacring the innocent people of Gaza.
Raisi noted that Tehran and Baghdad have a common stance on the Palestinian issue.
The Iranian president rejected as “sheer lie” the US claims about sending aid to Gaza and announcing a cease-fire in the war-stricken strip, saying such claims do not match the Americans’ actions.
“Unfortunately, the US provides arms, intelligence and financial aid to the Zionist regime to brutally kill the Palestinian people and it actually encourages the [Israeli] regime,” he said.
The Iranian president noted that the US vetoed a draft resolution presented by Brazil to the United Nations Security Council on the establishment of humanitarian pauses in the war on the blockaded Palestinian territory.
This would in fact pave the way for the Israeli regime to carry out more acts of murder, he added.
Raisi said the battle of the resistance front against Israel and the defeat it has inflicted on the regime have crumbled the Israeli regime.
He noted that Muslim nations and those regional and global countries that believe in God cannot justify their silence vis-à-vis the ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.


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