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Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Six - 05 November 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Six - 05 November 2023 - Page 5

Gaza genocide continues ...


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Their proportion has reached more than 73% of the total number of martyrs, which according to the statistics of the Health Ministry until October 30th, reached more than 9,000 martyrs. In addition, about 240 schools have been damaged, along with nearly 200,000 housing units partially destroyed, 32,000 housing units completely demolished, 47 mosques, 3 churches, and 25 ambulances destroyed. Furthermore, 25 hospitals were taken out of service due to the savage bombing that targeted their facilities and surroundings. In addition, more than 1,600 people are missing under the rubble, and the civil defense and medical units have been unable to reach them.
It seems that the occupation not only wanted to take our lives but also to erase our Palestinian narrative by bombing homes and assassinating writers, political analysts, and journalists. They aim to pass on their fabricated and false narrative. That’s why they target our homes and threaten us with death, both ourselves and our families if we continue to reveal the truth to the world and the extent of the oppression practiced by the occupation against our people.
The occupation does not want us to find shelter for ourselves and our children as winter begins. They also destroy and bomb our children’s memories, including their toys, photo albums, and bedrooms.
In the end, I realized that I must write and confront this crisis I’m going through. I wrote this article on paper and then sought out a friend inside the hospital, asking him to lend me his laptop for an hour to write this article on a Word document on his laptop and send it to my colleagues at Iran Daily.
On the twenty-fifth day of the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army began its ground incursion into those areas within the Gaza Strip classified as soft and empty agricultural lands that do not achieve any success for the occupying army. This truly pains the Israeli leaders as they haven’t accomplished any achievements to boast about in front of the Israeli public to restore the image of deterrence that collapsed at the beginning of the Battle of the Al-Aqsa Intifada. This is especially evident in light of the legendary resilience of the citizens in Gaza, their unwavering support for the resistance, and their standing behind it.
From our experience, our people have suffered from killing and destruction for 75 years. Now, all they have left is resilience and patience in the face of the Zionist arrogance and tyranny, especially in this legendary heroic battle of our people, who endure death, hunger, thirst, and homelessness. They bear the American and Western support for the Zionist entity and the silence and inaction of the Arab regimes. Some even align with the Zionist entity or seek normalization with it. But it’s important to emphasize that the Palestinian people are aware and fully understand who stood by them and supported them and who stood against them and conspired against them. History and generations will record the honor roll of those who stood by our people and supported them, as well as the list of shame for those who stood against the Palestinian people and conspired against them.

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