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Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Four - 02 November 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Four - 02 November 2023 - Page 3

Reviving Godin Tappeh, a vital transformation from neglect to fame

Godin Tappeh (Godin Hill) of Kangavar, Kermanshah Province, is one of the most important historical sites dating back to the Median period, having international recognition and fame, said the head of Anahita National Heritage Site.
Morteza Geravand said that it holds the potential to be internationally recognized and registered, ISNA wrote.
“This ancient hill has only been excavated once, back in 1965. The excavation was carried out by a Canadian team, headed by a famous archeologist Cuyler Young. Their dedicated efforts unveiled significant archaeological findings, shedding light on important historical information associated with the site.”
He added that through these excavations, it was discovered that Godin Tappeh encompasses seven cultural layers spanning prehistoric, historical, and Islamic periods, covering a span of seven thousand years. The second layer specifically corresponds to the Median period.
He noted that, unfortunately, this important historical site has been neglected and left untouched for approximately 60 years in terms of archaeological exploration. Consequently, the structures that were once discovered by the Young archaeological team during their excavations have sadly deteriorated and been lost over the past decades.
“We are taking action to revive and transform this historical mound into a renowned archaeological research center. The first step is to establish its boundaries and safeguarding zone,” he noted.
Recently, a team of archaeologists, headed by Kamyar Abdi, an esteemed Iranian archaeologist, who is also a faculty member at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, has been actively working on this project.
In order to define the boundaries of this ancient site, around 20 excavations were undertaken, which led to the discovery of certain cultural artifacts, adding to our knowledge and understanding.
He added that the next step for reviving Godin Tappeh, which is part of the Anahita Temple National Heritage Site, is implementing preservation programs.
“In the final phase, as we delve deeper into our archeological explorations, our ultimate goal is to transform this ancient mound into a captivating museum, a prestigious research center, or a national heritage site,” he said.
Geravand said, “By putting these measures and programs into action, Godin Tappeh has the potential to be recognized worldwide, just like Hasanlu Hill in West Azarbaijan Province, which is currently on the path to globalization.”
The site has played a significant role in the field of transit during its cultural and political heyday, so actions need to be taken on it as part of a national project.


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