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Number Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Ninety Six - 30 September 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Ninety Six - 30 September 2023 - Page 8

On Iran’s national Firefighting and Safety Day, TFD spokesperson:

Untold heroism of firefighters in Plasco inferno

The spokesperson for the Tehran Fire Department talked about the high number of accidents occurring in Tehran on Iran’s national Firefighting and Safety Day, and highlighted a recent incident where a fire broke out in a 500-square-meter warehouse.
“Thanks to the quick response of our colleagues, the fire was contained and no one was injured,” said Jalal Maleki, according to Mehr news agency.
A firefighter for 27 years, Maleki shared his experiences and mentioned that he and his colleagues often take on leadership roles due to their extensive experience. He recalled his early days in the Fire Department, explaining that he chose this career over a desk job, as he had always been fascinated by the work of firefighters.
Expressing his passion for the job, Maleki admitted, “I enjoy being a firefighter more with each passing day.”
He also paid tribute to the brave firefighters who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, highlighting the difference in response between the Plasco Building incident in Tehran and the Grenfell Tower fire in England.
“I was present inside the Plaso Building until a few minutes before the collapse. My colleagues fought the fire, even to save the citizens’ property, but we did not witness such attitude during the Grenfell Tower fire in England. Although no firefighter would deliberately neglect their duties, we saw that at least 80 people died in that incident. If my colleagues had not acted swiftly in the Plasco Building fire, it would have been likely that around 400 people would have lost their lives. The rescue operation went well, but the firefighters paid the price,” said Maleki.
Maleki emphasized the physical demands of being a firefighter, especially when tackling fires in tall buildings.
“Firefighters have to climb multiple floors carrying heavy equipment weighing at least 20kg, as there are no elevators especially for them. Physical strength is crucial for performing such tasks effectively,” he said.
Maleki also spoke about the issue of insurance for firefighters, explaining that while social security insurance covers most firefighters in the country, those in the Tehran Fire Department are covered by municipal insurance. This presents some challenges, as the law regarding retirement benefits for hard jobs does not apply to them.
“Efforts are being made by the mayor, city council, and organization CEO to address this issue,” the spokesperson said.
When asked about encounters with relatives and friends at fire scenes, Maleki said that it rarely happens in residential areas, but sometimes he does come across acquaintances in commercial buildings.
He also addressed the calls received by the Fire Department to rescue animals, advising citizens to avoid approaching any animals, including wild cats, as they can be dangerous. The Fire Department delivers rescued animals to designated parks and the Department of the Environment. Maleki shared instances where they rescued a monkey and three lion cubs.
Finally, he expressed appreciation for the support and understanding of the firefighters’ wives and families, who stand by their loved ones in this challenging profession.


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