Downtown Tehran to receive public spaces boost

Anaraki Mohammadi, the mayor of Tehran’s District 12, recently discussed the need for improved public services in the capital’s underprivileged neighborhoods.
During a visit to various areas, including Pirnia and Keyhani houses, Mohammadi emphasized the importance of revitalizing abandoned spaces and transforming them into green areas for the benefit of the local community, Fars News Agency reported.
Mohammadi expressed concern about the negative consequences of converting old structures into workshops or warehouses, as it can lead to the loss of the neighborhood’s identity. He acknowledged the public’s dissatisfaction with the conversion of residential buildings into warehouses or their total abandonment.
To address this issue, the city management is fully prepared to support individuals interested in restoring historical structures and preserving the neighborhood’s character.
District 12 of Tehran is home to fourteen neighborhoods, which are considered the oldest in the city. They are also the busiest areas. The district boasts several attractions, including bazaar, various museums, embassies, and places of worship for different faiths.


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