Minister: Iran won’t let NATO presence in region


The Iranian Defense Minister emphasized that his country is against NATO’s presence in the region, as well as any changes in the region’s geopolitics. Regarding the United States’ entry into the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict and the potential introduction of NATO forces in the region, Mohammadreza Ashtiani told ILNA, “We firmly oppose external interference in regional affairs”. He underscored Iran’s commitment to resolving regional issues through diplomatic channels and cooperation with neighboring countries.
Referring to recent tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the presence of Iranian forces on the border, Ashtiani affirmed that Iran does not accept any changes in the geopolitics of the region.
“While we maintain relations and engage with Armenia and Azerbaijan as our neighbors and partners, we actively contribute to the resolution of their issues,” he added.
Ashtiani also clarified that upcoming border exercises are routine annual drills with minimal relevance to the current geopolitical situation.

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