Iran, Turkmenistan discuss expansion of cultural cooperation

The Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Iran Ahmed Gurbanov, led a diplomatic and cultural delegation to discuss ways to expand cultural cooperation with Mahmoud Shalouie, president of the Iranian Society of Cultural Works and Luminaries (ISCWL).  
During the meeting, Shalouie extended a warm welcome to Gurbanov, stating, “For over a century, our society has been actively involved in preserving cultural dignitaries, publishing their works and, of course, in the construction and maintenance of historical and cultural monuments and edifices in Iran,” IRNA wrote.
Shalouie added, "ISCWL is dedicated to honoring scientific, cultural, religious, literary, and other prominent figures, both nationally and internationally. To date, we have conducted joint programs with many friendly neighboring countries of Iran."
Shalouie expressed hope that, with the collaboration of cultural authorities and officials from Turkmenistan, joint cultural programs between the two countries, including a significant celebration of Makhtum-Qoli Faraghi, the renowned Iranian-Turkmen poet, would be held soon at the ISCWL.
He emphasized, "Since last year, a Tajik cultural center has been set up at ISCWL, based on the proposal of the ambassador of Tajikistan. We hope, with the cooperation of the Embassy of Turkmenistan, a cultural and artistic center for Turkmenistan will also be established in our society, providing a foundation for cultural and artistic collaboration between Iran and Turkmenistan."
Gurbanov, acknowledging his prior familiarity with ISCWL and its activities, stated, "We warmly welcome joint cooperation between our two friendly neighboring countries, Iran and Turkmenistan. Both nations boast influential cultural and literary figures, and this can pave the way for cultural and artistic collaborations in various fields."
The envoy emphasized, "Turkmenistan is receptive to the proposals put forth by the society, such as honoring cultural figures, publishing the works of cultural luminaries, and fostering scientific and research activities between our two countries. We are prepared to explore and implement shared opportunities in upcoming activities."


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