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Number Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty Seven - 17 September 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty Seven - 17 September 2023 - Page 3

Discover the enchanting charms of Tafresh:

A pristine summer paradise

Iranica Desk

The city of Tafresh in Markazi Province is one of the pristine and picturesque destinations in Iran. The city, with a population of about 33,500, can be a great host for summer trips. You can enjoy attractive landscapes and pleasant weather there.
Tafresh is situated at an elevation of approximately 2,000 meters above sea level and boasts of a total of seventy villages, some of which are Kabouran, Naqusan, Bazarjan, Farak and Joftan.
When we look at a map, we will find that this city is located approximately in the southwest of Saveh, a city known for its warmth. However, this warmth doesn’t affect the delightful coolness of Tafresh.
To get to this city, you need to pass through the scorched plains of Saveh. Keep going towards Arak, and after the Rahjerd, veer off the main road towards the north.  Continue your journey by crossing through the rugged mountain passes to finally reach Tafresh. The maximum temperature reaches 32°C during the summer, while it drops to a minimum of 15°C during winters.
In the northern part of Tafresh, you can find Gandomkuh Mountain. This mountain has a conical shape and stands at an elevation of 2,156 meters. It is visible from almost all parts of the city. In Persian, gandom means wheat, and kuh means mountain.  If you look from the heights of Kharazan Pass towards this mountain and its neighboring hill, you will see that it looks like a pile of unharvested wheat. That is why it is called Gandomkuh (Wheat Mountain).
A circular-shaped mountain named Deymnar, having two caves, is known as the symbol of the city.
A river flows in the city. One of natural attractions of Tafresh is Garav Mineral Water Spring situated five kilometers from the city, between two villages. It is easily accessible.
In one of the alleys of the neighborhood, named Abdokan in Tafresh, you can find the remains of a fascinating historical house dating back to the Qajar period. This house, called Mirfakhrayi House, has stood for 200 years and holds the prestigious distinction of being a registered National Heritage Site.
The natural attractions of Tafresh are scattered throughout this area; in order to see them, you need to gradually distance yourself from the city.
The village of Tad is located near Tafresh and its prominent feature is its abundance of fruit orchards. These orchards thrive and yield bountiful harvests thanks to a qanat (aquifer) flowing in the region.
The water of this qanat, situated in the heart of the village, after being stored in a massive reservoir, cascades through countless streams, nourishing the gardens. The existence of this qanat has brought about a harmonious climate, the growth of exquisite fruits, and the establishment of a spiritually uplifting atmosphere in the region.
The Khanak village is a remarkable natural tourist destination in the area. It is beautifully situated along the Tafresh-Saveh route, offering breathtaking sceneries and captivating experiences for visitors.
At the entrance of Khanak village, beyond its beautiful garden alleys, lies a renowned qanat loved by locals and visitors alike. Khanak waterfall adds to the charm of this village. It inspired the creation of a traditional mill next to the cascades.
The summer season, especially the month of September, is one of the most suitable seasons and months for traveling to Tafresh.


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