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Number Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty Five - 12 September 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty Five - 12 September 2023 - Page 8

Firsts of Iran’s Cinema

First Iranian talkie made in other countries
‘Lor Girl’ was the first talking film ever to be produced in the Farsi language. Directed by Ardeshir Irani, it was filmed in 1932 under the Imperial Film Company in Mumbai, India. Lor Girl is the first feature film to star a female actress. It was still a taboo at the time to broadcast women in cinema and even radio.
First Iranian documentary
The very first Iranian documentary film was about an event called the Flower Day in Ostend, Belgium. It was filmed by Mirza-Ebrahim Khan Akkasbashi.
First Iranian war documentary
‘Khorramshahr: The City of Life, the City of Blood’ was filmed by Mahmood Bahadori, and ‘Flaming Poppies’ was made by Hooshang Shafti in 1963. Flaming Poppies is about the daily life of Bakhtiari nomads in winter.
First Iranian film trailer
The first film trailer was for ‘A Girl from Shiraz’, a film produced by Samuel Khachikian in 1954. The trailer later became a popular role model for Iranian trailer makers.
First Iranian drama school
Registration for the first drama class started in 1930 with a total enrollment of 300 students, even though only 12 students participated in the classes. The classes were held in various fields of music, acting, sports, filmmaking, gymnastics, and dancing.
First Iranian director
Ovanes Ohanian (October 1896–September 1960) was an Armenian-Iranian filmmaker who built the first film school in Iran’s history. His first film, Abi and Rabi, was made in 1930.
First Iranian film
Abi and Rabi was Iran’s first feature-length film directed by Ovanes Ohanian. The film depicts the amusing adventures of Abi (a tall man) and Rabi (a short man) in various scenarios.
First Iranian talkie made in Iran
‘The Storm of Life’, was the first talking film ever to be produced in Farsi. The film, which was shot in black and white, was directed by Ali Daryabeigi and written by Nezam Vafa. It was produced by Mitra Film Company in Iran in 1948.
First Iranian colored film
‘Whirlwind’ is the first colored Iranian film directed by Hassan Kheradmand in 1953.
First Iranian theatres
Cinema Soleil (soleil means Sun in French) was established in 1900 in Tabriz.
Cinema Etemad al-Saltaneh, which was owned by a person named Etemad al-Saltaneh, was built by Avanof in Mashhad. It was also commonly called Shahr-e-Farang. Cinema Pars was built on Dariush Street in 1926 in Shiraz.

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