Shia leader condemns opening of Israeli Embassy in Bahrain

Sheikh Isa Qassem, the Shia leader of the Islamic Movement of Bahrain, said that the opening of the Israeli Embassy in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, is in line with the destructive role of the Zionists.
Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen opened the embassy during his first visit to Bahrain last Monday, Iran Press reported.
According to the Bahrain Mirror, Sheikh Qassem emphasized in a statement on Saturday that the opening of the Israeli Embassy in Bahrain is an obvious battle against God, the Prophet of Islam, and all the Muslims of the world.
Cohen’s trip to Bahrain was met with a wave of condemnations from Bahraini people, civil institutions, and religious and political communities.
Previously, the people of Bahrain had expressed their opposition to the compromise between the Al Khalifa (the ruling family of Bahrain) and Tel Aviv by holding demonstrations and burning the flag of Israel.

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