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Baku seeking to resolve differences with Tehran: Hajiyev

REPORT NEWS AGENCY – Head of Azerbaijan’s Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev said Iran is a neighboring country and Azerbaijan’s policy is to maintain stable and mutually beneficial relations with all neighbors.
“There was a certain misunderstanding and miscommunication between Iran and Azerbaijan. But through some diplomatic channels we are trying to resolve that and we are also receiving positive signals from the Iranian side,” Hajiyev said in an interview with the Israeli i24NEWS TV.
“We are also engaged diplomatically with our Iranian counterparts to turn that page and establish a much more favorable atmosphere for cooperation for our wider region and bilateral cooperation between Azerbaijan and Iran,” Hajiyev added.
The relations became strained in January when Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Tehran came under attack.
Azerbaijan termed the attack a “terrorist” incident, although a probe has shown that the attacker had been motivated by “personal and family-related problems.”
Tehran has slammed Baku for its partnership with the Israeli regime towards the establishment of a united front against the Islamic Republic.

Iran after  joint action with KSA to tackle
sand storms

TASNIM – Iran is pursuing collaborative efforts with Saudi Arabia to address the issue of sand and dust storms originating from Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter Desert, as stated by the head of the Iranian Department of the Environment, Ali Salajegheh.
Salajegheh revealed that the Empty Quarter, situated in the south of Saudi Arabia, is responsible for approximately one-third of the sand and dust storms that enter Iran through its southwestern borders, affecting vast regions of the country during dry seasons.
He conveyed during an interview with ILNA, “Based on recent bilateral discussions, it has been agreed to undertake joint initiatives to combat the sources of sand and dust in this desert.”


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