‘Postcards from Mexico, Iran’ highlights identity preservation

By Sadeq Dehqan
Staff writer
An exhibition of photographs titled ‘Postcards from Mexico and Iran’ is currently on display at the Iranian Art Museum Garden, showcasing a collection of 80 photographs capturing the essence of both countries’ cultural treasures.
According to organizers, this exhibition aims to offer a visual exploration of the less-explored facets of Mexico and Iran, emphasizing their enduring cultural identities amidst evolving landscapes.
The exhibition, which opened on September 4 and runs until September 13, features the works of prominent photographers Manuel Cerón from Mexico and Patrick Ringgenberg from Switzerland. Their photographs, measuring 30 by 45cm, provide an intimate perspective on landscapes, religious sites, and everyday life in both countries.
These photographs shed light on the daily lives of people in Mexico and Iran, often focusing on environmental and anthropological themes. They capture architectural marvels and offer a unique and profound view of the two nations.
Mexico’s ambassador to Iran, Guillermo Alejandro Puente Ordorica, in an exclusive interview with Iran Daily, expressed the exhibition’s significance in fostering cultural cooperation and strengthening bilateral relations between the two nations.
He noted that the exhibition is the result of over 20 years of exploration by photographers, showcasing moments often overlooked by tourists and tour guides while highlighting the authenticity of both countries.
Ordorica also highlighted the importance of cultural and artistic endeavors in enhancing bilateral relations.
He revealed plans by the Mexican Embassy to organize significant cultural programs in Iran, including writing workshops and traditional handicraft exhibitions, along with Mexican film screenings.
Ebrahim Kamali, the director of the Iranian Art Museum Garden, emphasized the museum’s commitment to hosting international cultural and artistic events, facilitating interaction and collaboration between Iranian and foreign artists.
He stated that this exhibition, with its diverse perspectives and themes, exemplifies the cultural connections shared between Iran and Latin American countries like Mexico.
Kamali also pointed out the exhibition’s juxtaposition of different frames and scenes, allowing viewers to compare similar landscapes from both countries, a feature that adds to its attraction, especially through the lens of non-Iranian photographers.
He added, “In this exhibition, we encounter various frames and scenes, each of which has its counterpart in the opposite country. For instance, we witness a beach landscape in Mexico that resembles a similar scene captured in Iran.”
In addition, Kamali noted that the exhibition provides an opportunity for people to witness how foreign photographers view the attractions in Iran, offering a positive and enriching perspective on the country’s diverse landscapes and culture.
The ‘Postcards from Mexico and Iran’ exhibition is not only a testament to cultural cooperation, but also an invitation to delve deeper into the shared cultural heritage of Mexico and Iran. It celebrates the enduring identities of these two nations despite the changes they have undergone throughout history.

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