Second overseas DRI plant using Iranian technology to be built in Peru

The second abroad sponge iron factory using Iranian technology ‘PERED’ will be constructed in Peru.
A memorandum of understanding (MoU) to construct a direct-reduction iron (DRI) production plant through Iranian-developed method technology as well as a steelmaking plant was signed with a Chinese company, according to IRNA.
The contract was made between the Chinese investor and the Iranian Mines and Metals Engineering Company (MME) as the developer of the PERED technology.
The annual capacity of the project is one million tons of sponge iron, which will be used in the steelmaking unit. Also, the construction of the steel factory will be carried out with the Iranian technology by the MMA in Peru.
The furnace part of the factory (DRI) will be designed by the MME and part of its strategic equipment will be manufactured in Iran.
PERED technology is also known as ‘Persian Reduction’ technology. It is the direct reduction technology invented and patented by the MME in 2007.
The technology is carried out through scientific principles and experiences of the Iranian experts.
The unique advantage of the Iranian technology of PERED is using a special catalyst which enjoys more durability under process of production along with acceleration in cracking process of reducing gases in steel reformers.
Once, four Iranian factories to produce sponge iron using the Iranian method ‘PERED’ were successfully constructed and also, the erection of first steel plant in China was prosperous as the world's largest steel producer, now foreign investors are looking for the Iranian technology.
In addition, there are three other mega module projects including Kurdestan Steel, Simin Hormuz Steel Industry Company and Hormozgan Steel Company, are to be implemented via Iranian PERED method.
One of the most important achievements gained through the past years is the optimization of the steel production process using the method of PERED.

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