Iranian resistance literature showcased at Moscow Book Fair

The 36th International Moscow Book Fair commenced on Thursday, August 31, and will continue until September 3, welcoming visitors. The Islamic Republic of Iran experiences its eighth presence at this event by introducing and presenting 600 book titles and hosting various cultural sessions and workshops.
One of the cognitive components of contemporary Iran is the concept of resistance and resilience. The victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, led by Imam Khomeini, created new boundaries for freedom-seeking fronts, turning Iran into the foremost stronghold of the oppressed against the arrogant powers. This situation subjected the global hegemonic system to its harshest attacks, including military, economic, cultural, and political pressures. These attacks have persisted in various forms to this day. Therefore, from the early days of the revolution’s victory, the front against global arrogance has always remained open, giving rise to various epic events. These epics have significantly contributed to the development and richness of the literature of resistance and resilience. For this reason, studying and reviewing these sources are considered one of the best ways to understand the culture of contemporary Iran.
The concepts promoted in Iranian resistance literature are approved by all free people around the world and are not limited to political borders due to their universality and transcendent nature. For this reason, translating and publishing these works in other languages will be a crucial step in advancing Iran’s cultural diplomacy.
The Islamic Republic of Iran’s booth at the 36th International Moscow Book Fair presents important works from Iranian resistance literature.

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