Kermanshah handicrafts capable of being introduced to the world: Minister

Iran’s Minister of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Ezzatollah Zarghami said that Meyvan village’s handicrafts in Paveh County enjoy a wide variety in terms of design and color and need to be introduced to domestic and international tourists.  
Zarghami noted the diverse designs and colors of these crafts and their significant contribution to the province’s industrial and tourism growth, IRNA wrote. During his visit to Kermanshah Province on Sunday, Zarghami lauded the skilled giveh (traditional Iranian footwear) weavers of Meyvan.
He highlighted their intricate designs, underscoring the importance of showcasing these handicrafts to a broader audience.
Zarghami praised the efforts of the Cultural Heritage Department staff and local officials in nurturing this artistic community.
He stressed the necessity of education, modernization, innovation, and adaptation to modern preferences to refresh the handicraft sector.
He praised Fereshteh Hosseini, the director of Meyvan’s Women Weavers’ Cooperative, for transforming the village into a national pride, and setting an exemplary standard for the country.
While exploring the Bam Paveh tourism project, Zarghami praised the exceptional tourism potential of UNESCO-designated Uramanat, in Kurdestan Province.  
He projected tourism-centered projects as the driving force behind the region’s development.
Zarghami also emphasized the project’s strategic location in Paveh, which could significantly enhance the city’s tourism appeal.

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