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Number Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Seventy Three - 27 August 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Seventy Three - 27 August 2023 - Page 8

Iranian book of viola concertos released worldwide

Amir Hossein Taei, a skilled viola player, unveiled his book ‘Famous Viola Concertos’ in the global music market.  
This publication stands as the first-ever work dedicated to the viola by an Iranian artist in the international music field, IRNA wrote.
Taei’s book compiles and presents several prominent concertos for the viola, including pieces such as ‘Concerto in E Minor, Oskar Reiding,’ and ‘Viola Concerto No. 2, by Friedrich Seitz.’
These compositions have been reinterpreted and adapted for the viola, helping players ranging from beginner to intermediate levels.
Taei highlighted the necessity of this book, noting the lack of comprehensive resources for the viola despite years of teaching in the field.
He emphasized that the existing repertoire for the viola on the international stage mainly assists intermediate to advanced players, lacking a progressive structure for beginners and intermediates to enhance their skills gradually.
He said, “For this reason, I decided to create this collection as a service to those who are actively engaged with the viola. The book begins with simplified violin concertos and, through my efforts, has been rewritten, adapted, and revised for the viola.”
The violist added, “The second volume of this work has been specially tailored for intermediate to advanced players who are preparing for university entrance exams or international orchestra auditions.”
The first volume of the book is organized into levels ranging from introductory to intermediate and is available on several international websites, with plans for its imminent release in Iran.

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