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Number Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Seventy Three - 27 August 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Seventy Three - 27 August 2023 - Page 6

Defense Ministry spokesman:

Huge demand for Iranian drones in Europe

The Iranian Defense Ministry spokesman has highlighted the increasing demand for Iran-made advanced unmanned aerial vehicles, revealing a strong interest from numerous countries in procuring these drones.
“We have received numerous requests from various countries, notably from Western and European countries. However, these parties have expressed a preference to keep their identities confidential,” Reza Talaei-Nik told Tasnim news agency.
Offering insight into the defense industries’ achievements exhibition, he explained, “While our permanent export exhibition showcases a range of products, certain achievements are deliberately omitted from the display due to certain considerations.”
On Wednesday, military attachés from 37 countries visited Iran’s Defense Industries Exhibition, organized to mark Iranian Defense Industry Day – August 22.
Emphasizing the ministry’s cautious approach, the spokesman underscored, “We are open to exporting drones from our designated portfolio, provided that there are no political or security constraints with the recipient country”.
“And we must be confident that our drones won’t be used inappropriately. Considering the capacity for drone production and fulfilling domestic needs, we are prepared to export drones that are included in our export portfolio,” he added.
Addressing the topic of foreign weaponry procurement, Talaie-Nik emphasized:
“While prioritizing domestic capabilities remains paramount for meeting our Armed Forces’ needs, there are instances where external procurement is necessary to complement our domestic armaments. Especially in the field of aerial combat, historically, the Ministry of Defense has included this consideration in its foreign procurement plan. Some initiatives have reached their final stages, but the process of foreign arms procurement contracts tends to be lengthy.”
When asked about the arrival of specific aircraft, Talaie-Nik clarified, “As agreements progress to the final operational phase, the necessary information will be shared with the people of Iran. Given security concerns, no country is willing to disclose information about these processes before their completion. I can assure you that no process has been canceled or disrupted.”

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