Iran plans to attract €20b of foreign investment in FTZs: Official

Iran plans to offer facilities aimed at maximizing investor participation in its free and special economic zones, Masoud Hosseinpour, the deputy secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Zones, said Wednesday.
Hosseinpour added that by the end of the current Iranian year (March 19, 2024), there would be a suitable environment for approximately €20 billion worth of investment in these zones, ISNA reported.
He said existing capacities in the free zones have yet to be fully utilized. “We are trying to actualize these capacities.”
Hosseinpour noted that despite significant infrastructure works already completed, efforts would continue to strengthen the free zones, making them Iran’s “investment paradise”.
“Current conditions are not conducive to attracting investors, resulting in some choosing to invest elsewhere, such as in Turkey, the UAE, and Oman. However, if investors become aware of the available capacities and facilities, it is expected that they will bring their capital into Iran’s free zones.”


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