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Number Seven Thousand Three Hundred - 25 May 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Three Hundred - 25 May 2023 - Page 8

Iranian myths, inspiring role models for global children’s films

By Sadeq Dehqan
Staff writer

In a recent interview with Iran Daily reporter, Mehdi Yari, a prominent producer and presenter of film and television projects for children and teenagers, highlighted the importance of creating role models and introducing Iranian myths on the global stage.
Yari expressed that Iran’s rich history and literature offer a plethora of heroes, incredible figures, and legendary national icons, which have the potential to become central characters in children’s movies and cinema worldwide.
Yari pointed out that children today are familiar with popular heroes from films and animations, such as Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Barbie, Elsa, and Anna. However, they lack knowledge about Iranian national heroes and legends like Rostam, Sohrab, Gordafrid, and Kaveh Ahangar, whose place remains vacant in children’s films and television series.
To address this issue, Yari stressed the need to domestically introduce these national characters and heroes through the production of films and television series. Furthermore, in order to broaden the reach of these productions, Yari proposed collaborating with foreign platforms to create joint works specifically aimed at children.
Regarding his own contributions in the realm of children and teenagers’ entertainment, Yari mentioned a recent comedy and musical series called ‘The Demon and the Forhead Moon,’ directed by Hossein Qena’at. This series draws inspiration from ancient Iranian legends, with Ferdowsi’s epic masterpiece, the ‘Shahnameh,’ being recited at the beginning. The show aims to acquaint children with the renowned characters and myths found within this remarkable work of Persian poetry.
Yari also mentioned another series titled ‘Hashtag Auntie Cockroach,’ which explores the captivating stories of old Iran, underscoring the dearth of productions tailored specifically for children and teenagers in the realm of cinema and television.
Yari emphasized that the current trend in Iranian cinema and television predominantly caters to adult audiences, leaving a gap in the market for children and teenagers. He advocated for greater efforts in producing captivating content that appeals to both young viewers and adults.
Furthermore, Yari acknowledged the challenges of selecting mythological and epic themes, such as the ‘Shahnameh,’ for adaptation. The production of such works often necessitates elaborate and unrealistic sets, rendering them financially demanding. Additionally, extensive usage of special effects is required to bring these stories to life on the screen.
In conclusion, Yari expressed optimism about the abundance of talented individuals in Iran with valuable expertise and professional knowledge in these fields. He asserted that the country has made significant advancements in special effects, resulting in the production of high-quality films that utilize cutting-edge technologies for image processing and staging.

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