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Negotiations kicked off in the Austrian capital city of Vienna in April 2021, with the intention of removing anti-Iran sanctions and examining the United States’ seriousness in rejoining the accord.
The talks, however, have been at a standstill since August 2022 due to Washington’s insistence on not removing all the sanctions and its failure to offer necessary guarantees that it will not abandon the deal again.
Eslami also rejected a report by Bloomberg claiming that the number of examinations of Iran’s nuclear program fell by 10% in 2022 after Tehran decided to turn off the monitoring cameras installed by the IAEA at the country’s nuclear sites.
In a statement issued in June 2022, the AEOI announced plans to turn off some surveillance cameras of the IAEA, whose operation is deemed beyond Iran’s obligations under the UN agency’s Safeguards Agreement.
The Iranian nuclear chief said a month later that the IAEA monitoring cameras will remain turned off until the JCPOA is fully restored.

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