Russia opens ‘terror’ probe over border incursion: Official

Russia said Tuesday it had launched a “terror” probe after Moscow’s troops had been fighting a “sabotage” group that crossed from Ukraine.
“A criminal case has been opened over an attack on settlements in the Belgorod region,” the Investigative Committee, which probes major cases, said in a statement, AFP reported.
Investigators said they opened a probe into a number of crimes including a “terror attack”, attempted murder, destruction of or damage to property, and illegal circulation of weapons and explosives.
The statement said that representatives of armed Ukrainian groups attacked the district of Graivoron in the southern region of Belgorod.
“Residential and administrative buildings and civilian infrastructure facilities came under mortar and artillery fire,” the Investigative Committee said.
“Several civilians were injured as a result of these criminal acts.” Members of the anti-Kremlin Freedom of Russia Legion have claimed responsibility for the incursion into the region of Belgorod. Kyiv has denied involvement.
According to AP, Kyiv portrayed the raid as an uprising against the Kremlin by Russian partisans. It was impossible to reconcile the two versions or to say with any certainty who was behind the attack or what the aims were.
The Belgorod region is a Russian military hub, home to fuel and ammunition depots. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said the armed attackers were routed by local troops, air strikes and artillery.
“The remnants of the nationalists were driven back to the territory of Ukraine, where they continued to be hit by fire until they were completely eliminated,” Konashenkov said. He did not mention any Russian casualties.
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