Iran’s annual pistachio exports top 56,000 tons

Iran exported 56,298 tons of pistachios, worth $405.04 million, to 57 countries during the past Iranian year 1401 (ended on March 20).
The annual exports indicate a 55.7 percent fall in value and a 58.4 percent drop in weight, year on year, IRNA reported.
Russia, with 7,329 tons of imports, was the top export destination for Iranian pistachios during the past year. India, with 7,139 tons, came next, followed by Iraq, the UAE, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Germany, Turkey, and Tajikistan, respectively.
Pistachio nuts were Iran’s main export commodity outside the oil sector, earning it more than $1 billion a year, and providing many people with jobs, especially in the arid, southeastern province of Kerman.
The delicacy had even its customers in the United States, where it was allowed, along with Iranian caviar, saffron and carpets for limited business with the U.S.

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