Iran to build cultural route to honor two philosophers

By Sadeq Dehqan
Staff writer
Iran is set to create a new cultural route, the Hekmat Highway, which will connect the birthplace and residence of Shihab al-Din Suhrawardi with the place of residence and death of Avicenna, a prominent physician and philosopher. The aim of the project is to “connect the wisdom of two great Iranian and Eastern philosophers,” according to Mahmoud Shaloui, head of the National Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.
In an interview with Iran Daily, Shaloui explained that Hekmat Highway will cover a distance of over 140 kilometers, passing through valleys, and several cultural programs are devised for tourists along the way. It will serve as a cultural, economic, and tourist area, connecting two of Iran’s most renowned thinkers.
“Although most people know Avicenna as a skilled physician, he also had a high position in the field of philosophy and was considered the most important figure of the Mashaa’i school of philosophical thought,” said Shaloui. “On the other hand, we have Shihab al-Din Suhrawardi, who was one of the great philosophers and mystics of the sixth century AH, and presented the Illuminationist school of philosophy.”
Shaloui also revealed plans for the construction of a commemorative building for Shihab al-Din Suhrawardi in Sohrevard, Zanjan Province, as well as other cultural programs to mark the 101st anniversary of the establishment of the National Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.
Hekmat Highway is part of Iran’s wider efforts to promote its rich cultural heritage and commemorate its most celebrated figures. The organization has previously worked with municipal governments to build commemorative statues in cities, including the statue of Ferdowsi in Tehran.
“We are proud of our cultural heritage and believe that initiatives like Hekmat Highway will help us share it with the world,” said Shaloui. “We look forward to welcoming visitors to this new cultural route and sharing the wisdom of our great philosophers with


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