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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety Six - 21 May 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety Six - 21 May 2023 - Page 4

Tochal Peak, an exciting destination in Tehran

Tochal Mountain peak, with an elevation of nearly 4,000 meters, is a high point overlooking Tehran. When looking at the peak, one can imagine that the mountain stretches its neck to see the city better from above. It casts its shadow over the capital, to be a refuge for those who are tired of daily life in the city and want to rely on the peace and stability of this great peak, wrote.
Tochal Peak is an attractive and exciting destination for many people.
Tochal is not only a magnificent summit, but also home to various exciting entertainment facilities that have made the resort a popular destination.
Mountaineering is one of the most common ways to enjoy Tochal. Professional mountaineers climb the peak in the early morning or at dawn. But a number of visitors use the city lights at night, especially in the summer, to reach one of the stations of its cable car and spend the night. They camp there, rest in a sleeping bag, and then go to the peak early in the morning. The most attractive recreational facilities of Tochal Peak are its cable cabin and chairlift. Tochal cable car, launched in 1977, has seven stations. The line begins at the end of Velenjak, in the Shemiran district, three kilometers from Tajrish Square.
On the chairlift you feel you have two wings to fly over the mountains.
Tochal Peak, which is snowy for nine months of the year, has a ski resort, established in 1975. There is a ski school in the area, which prepares conditions for enthusiasts to learn this skill.
Tochal Hotel helps provide visitors with an opportunity to gain memorable experiences. However, those who are under eight and over 55 years old, pregnant women and patients with cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes and people with physical impairments are not eligible to stay in the hotel.
Conquering Tochal summit is possible through multiple routes.
Tochal ski slope begins at the bottom of Tochal Peak, at 3,850 meters elevation, and ends at Tochal Hotel, at 3,550 meters elevation. This slope is 1,200 meters long; however, there is a ski lift and a chairlift available to transport skiers.
Due to the elevation of Tochal ski resort, every year it is the first in Iran to receive skiers, and is available for about eight months.


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