Iran urges Iraq to honor commitment on expulsion of terrorists

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Ground Force warned that its strikes against the KRG-based terrorist groups will resume if the Iraqi government fails to meet its commitment to disarm and expel the terrorists.
Speaking to Tasnim news agency in Iran’s western city of Sanandaj on Saturday, IRGC Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour said the Iraqi government has undertaken, under an agreement, to disarm and expel the terrorist groups that act against Iran along the border.
“We are waiting for the government of Iraq to honor its commitments and have given them some time (to evict the terrorists). Otherwise, if nothing happens, the IRGC’s attacks will go on,” the commander warned.
The IRGC launched several rounds of military strikes on the positions of separatist groups in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region in 2022.
The first stage of the attacks began on September 24, after terrorists’ move to ignite riots and unrest along border cities west of Iran.
The move by IRGC Ground Force to hit Iraqi-based terrorist groups came after the illegal entry by these groups’ armed teams into Iranian border cities.


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