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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety Five - 20 May 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety Five - 20 May 2023 - Page 8

Translation of Iranian, Omani books promotes cultural exchange

By Sadeq Dehqan
Staff writer
The director of book fairs in Oman emphasized the significant role of translating books from Iran and Oman into Persian and Arabic, in fostering the relationship and interaction between the two nations.
In an exclusive interview with Iran Daily, Khalfan al-Abri disclosed that a panel of experts from both countries has compiled a list of books to be translated. The forthcoming phase will involve the planning and execution of translation and publication of these books.
Al-Abri highlighted the participation of Oman in the 34th Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF), where representatives from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, as well as other organizations, are present.
The Oman booth at the fair is showcasing over 1,200 books in various fields such as culture, religion, tourism, medicine, and sports, presented in the English, Arabic, and Persian languages.
Discussing a recently translated book in Oman, Al-Abri provided insight into the book titled, ‘A Reformer on the Throne,’ which delves into the life and significant events associated with Sultan Qaboos.
Also known as Qaboos bin Said Al-e Said, Sultan Qaboos serves as the 14th Sultan of Oman in the direct line of the Al-e Said Dynasty.
Al-Abri emphasized Sultan Qaboos’ distinguished reign, which stands as the longest among Arab rulers.
The book has been translated into five languages, with a Persian translation currently in preparation and slated for future release.
Commenting on the close and amicable relations between Iran and Oman, Al-Abri acknowledged the geographical proximity of the two countries and their enduring positive relations throughout history.
The participation of both nations in each other’s book fairs serves to fortify cultural and political ties.
When evaluating the Tehran International Book Fair, Al-Abri expressed his professional perspective, stating, “Due to my responsibilities, I have attended numerous book fairs worldwide. However, I firmly believe that TIBF is unquestionably among the finest of its kind globally.”
Al-Abri further noted the overwhelming response from the public and the considerable number of visitors at the International Book Section’s booths, attesting to the immense interest in books and reading.
Extending an invitation, he urged publishers, organizers, and all book enthusiasts in Iran to attend the Muscat International Book Fair in Oman.
He concluded that the presence of both countries in each other’s book fairs facilitates a deeper understanding of their respective cultures and countries, while also providing a foundation for closer relations between the two nations.
The 34th edition of the book fair, which commenced on May 10, will run until May 20, offering an expansive platform for literary exchange and collaboration.


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