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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety Two - 15 May 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety Two - 15 May 2023 - Page 4

Dohezar Anthropology Museum in need of more attention

Museums, which are among the favorite destinations of many tourists, contribute greatly to public knowledge of people about the history, culture and art of a land.
Museums are usually established in places which are not only easy to reach but also equipped with various facilities. However, the Dohezar Anthropology Museum in Tonekabon, in the northern province of Mazandaran, seems to have been forgotten by the authorities, ISNA wrote.
Located in Shaneh Tarash village, it has been established to introduce and promote the old traditions and customs of the region.
Various old objects and instruments related to the occupations of the land’s ancient residents, such as livestock breeding, farming, textile weaving, kilim weaving, manufacturing wooden tools, along with everyday life items are exhibited in the museum.
Head of the Dohezar Anthropology Museum, Yasser Dohezari, said that the museum, inaugurated in 2011, hosts a large number of visitors from across the country throughout the year.
He added that about 100 people visited the museum per day during the Nowruz (Iranian New Year) holidays (March 21-April-2), pointing out that the museum is open to the public in all four seasons of the year.
With an elevation of 1,600 meters above sea level, Shaneh Tarash village is located 40km from Tonekabon, on a road leading to Dohezar village.
Due to the winding mountain road leading to this museum, it takes one about 50 minutes to reach it by car from the center of Tonekabon. Although the road is paved, it is as if you are moving on a dirt road full of potholes and bumps. And there is no sign along the road indicating the museum.
The shortage of proper sanitary facilities and the inadequate number of parking lots are among the other problems faced by the only museum of Tonekabon, which can be referred to as the most forgotten anthropology museum of the country.
The lack of a suitable mechanism for the preservation of valuable objects of the museum, the dust that covers them, and the absence of introduction labels are among the main shortcomings noticed by every viewer.
The locals and tourists expect the relevant authorities to pay more attention to the museum and provide visitors with appropriate facilities. This would help increase the number of people traveling to the region and improve the tourism sector of the province.


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