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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety Two - 15 May 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety Two - 15 May 2023 - Page 2

Iranian naval flotilla ...

Over the past four decades, the Navy has taken momentous strides in safeguarding the political spectrum, upholding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s integrity, defending territorial borders, and bolstering Iran’s defense infrastructure, thereby playing a pivotal role across different epochs.
The Navy’s endeavors during the eight-year-long Iraqi-imposed war and its decimation of the Iraqi naval force in the early stages of the war exemplify its significance. Likewise, the Navy’s escort of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s commercial ships and its contribution to sustaining the economy until Iraq’s aggression came to an end demonstrate its pivotal role.
Moreover, the construction of state-of-the-art warships such as Jamaran, Damavand, Dena, and Sahand, alongside advanced submarines such as Ghadir and Fateh, boasts distinctive attributes that make them stand out as some of the most advanced combat vessels in the West Asia region.
Currently, the issue of hoisting Iran’s flag on the high seas is crucial for maintaining authority across oceans. Iran’s commander-in-chief affirmed that “establishing a foothold in the seas brings power”. Indeed, our presence on the high seas signifies that our nation has fostered an elevated level of knowledge, technology, and culture that has undergone rapid progression and development.
Thanks to the Islamic Revolution, we have a strong presence in the Gulf of Aden, the Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea. Our Naval Forces have crossed the Suez Canal, ventured into the Mediterranean Sea, and entered the waters adjacent to the occupying Israeli regime. We have even crossed the Strait of Malacca and navigated the South China Sea, surging with pride as we reached the Cape of Good Hope, ultimately crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Our aspirations now lie in witnessing the fluttering of our beloved flag on the Gulf of Mexico in the near future. The Navy is about to welcome home its 86th flotilla, comprising the domestically-produced Dena destroyer and Makran, Iran’s sole forward base ship, after a round-the-world voyage.
This circumnavigation of the 86th flotilla was a continuation of the Navy’s series of international missions and is being carried out in accordance with the directives of the Commander-in-Chief, who has emphasized the paramount importance of maritime navigation, the development of defense diplomacy, and the revival of Iran’s naval power in the oceans. The flotilla’s mission was to send a message of peace and friendship to the countries of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans and to reinforce multilateral relations between the naval forces of the countries along its route.
The aforementioned flotilla embarked on its expedition on August 31, 2022, following planned routes and sailing for more than 210 days and nearly 58,524 kilometers before returning to the country. As a symbol of Iran’s naval military power, the 86th naval fleet showcased the country’s combat and operational capabilities to the world, while also bolstering the international standing of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the global stage.
We hope that the Navy will continue to make significant strides toward the economic, security, and cultural goals of our beloved country by pursuing such oceanic voyages with unwavering determination.

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