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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety - 13 May 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety - 13 May 2023 - Page 8

Iran, Tajikistan highlight expansion of cultural ties

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Describing the book fair as the most significant cultural event of the region and the world, Ambassador Zohidi underscored its importance as an opportunity for cultural exchanges.
He expressed his belief that paying attention to books and fostering interest in them serves as a means to ensure societal, cultural, and spiritual well-being.
The Tajik envoy further stated that over the 32 years that have passed since Tajikistan’s independence, cultural interactions between the two countries have been an advanced aspect of their cooperation.
He emphasized that exhibitions, meetings, and programs not only help introduce the achievements of contemporary Tajikistan but also contribute to the strengthening of cultural interactions and the utilization of the existing potential for expanding ties.
Ahmadvand, for his part, emphasized the historical connection between Iran and Tajikistan, highlighting the need for further efforts to expand these relations.
Then, Davlatzoda joyfully remarked on the expanding cultural relations between Iran and Tajikistan, countries that share the same language and culture.
She highlighted the friendly atmosphere during the Tajik Culture Days in Iran and the Iranian Culture Days in Tajikistan.
The book fair, she noted, provides an opportunity to discover each other through books and become acquainted with outstanding authors.
Davlatzoda stressed that the essence of any country’s culture resides in books, and if there is a desire to foster lasting growth and development of national culture, attention must be focused on books and related issues.
She underscored that books are the most precious and valuable shared cultural capital of both Tajikistan and Iran.
Davlatzoda continued by expressing her happiness at the shared cultural heritage between the two nations, stating: “I am pleased that we stand together as heirs of this unique culture. Books are the main facilitators of good relations among the global community, and as long as the world exists, this responsibility will rest upon humanity’s shoulders.”
She added that culture possesses an unmatched force, recounting how this attraction led her to visit the tombs of great Iranian poets in Shiraz upon her arrival in Iran.
Furthermore, Iranian Minister Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaeili acknowledged that the book fair serves as a platform for expanding cultural ties, explaining why several international publishers participate in the event.
He observed that a new chapter of cooperation has opened between the friendly and brotherly nations of Iran and Tajikistan.
He recalled the Tajik Culture Days in Iran, where the Tajik Minister, followed by Iranian cultural and literary figures, was warmly received in various cities throughout Tajikistan.
Esmaeili highlighted the increasing expansion of these interactions on a daily basis.
Concluding his remarks, Esmaeili stressed the necessity of laying the groundwork for the presence of artists and cultural figures from both countries, given their deep historical and cultural ties.
Reiterating the profound historical and cultural bonds between the two nations, Esmaeili stressed the importance of creating favorable conditions for the presence of artists and cultural figures in both Iran and Tajikistan.
He highlighted the widespread recognition of Iranian poets in Tajikistan, expressing the intention to intensify efforts in publishing books and promoting cultural and artistic individuals.
Esmaeili extended this viewpoint to encompass other countries in the region, expressing hope that exhibitions like the Tehran International Book Fair would foster increased interactions among the people of this culturally rich area.
Furthermore, in a significant development on Thursday, the Tajikistan pavilion, chosen as the distinguished guest of this year’s book fair, was inaugurated in the presence of the culture ministers of both countries.
On the sidelines of the book fair, Tajik writer Aziz Aziz acknowledged the significant opportunity presented by the TIBF for Tajik publishers to familiarize themselves with the works of Iranian authors and engage in discussions about copyright matters, with the aim of publishing these books in Tajikistan.
Reflecting on his lifelong appreciation for Iranian poets, Aziz recounted a childhood experience where he came across a poem by Iraj Mirza that deeply resonated with him. Initially assuming that Iraj Mirza hailed from Tajikistan, he later discovered the poet’s Iranian origins.
This realization led him to question the significance of national boundaries when both countries share such striking cultural similarities, rendering their literature virtually indistinguishable. The common religion and language of Iranian and Tajik children further reinforced this bond.
Aziz expressed his gratitude for the influence of Iranian publications, particularly highlighting the impact of Ofoq Publication during his first-ever visit to the Tehran International Book Fair.
With newfound inspiration, he expressed his ambition to publish Iranian books in Tajikistan.
Aziz specifically mentioned plans to publish works by Masoumeh Yazdani and Yahya Alavi’s poems in his home country.
The 34th edition of the book fair commenced on May 10 and will continue until May 20, providing an extensive platform for literary exchange and collaboration.


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