Iran becomes 1st Muslim country to navigate around globe

Iran’s 86th Naval Fleet including the fully homegrown Dena Destroyer navigated around the world in a mission codenamed “360-Degree.”
The announcement was made by Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, the chief commander of Iran’s Army Navy Force, on Friday as he elaborated on the mission of the 86th naval fleet.
Admiral Irani told the reporters in a press conference that the fleet began its mission in September 2022 from Bandar Abbas port, southern Iran, and now is in Aden Gulf after 213 days of navigation.
In accordance with maritime diplomacy, he said that the fleet visited India and Indonesia and entered the Pacific Ocean for the first time while holding a joint drill there.
The commander highlighted the fact that the navigation took about 15,000 km in the Pacific Ocean, during which the fleet passed three great typhoons without suffering any damage.
Passing the Strait of Magellan, entering the Atlantic, visiting Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro port city, and arriving in the Aden Gulf after passing the Cape of Good Hope were other parts of the navigation.
Admiral Irani said the ‘360-Degree’ navigation’s mission was to bring the message of peace and security to the world, describing it as a strong step toward the creation of Islamic Civilization. The Commander of Iran’s Army Navy Force noted that the foreigners could not and did not bring security to the region, stating that the regional countries have become capable of getting unified and producing security in the region, with Iran being ready to share its experiences in this area.

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