Iran is ready to transfer its tech gains to Muslim nations

Finance Minister Ehsan Khandouzi on Friday expressed Iran’s willingness to share its technological advancements with member states of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and other Muslim nations.
Speaking on the sidelines of the IsDB annual meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Khandouzi highlighted Iran’s capabilities in various industries including bio, Nano, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, construction of power plant equipment, and oil industry catalysts, expressing readiness to transfer them to other Muslim countries, IRNA reported.
He emphasized the importance of joint cooperation among IsDB member states and considered the annual event as one of the best opportunities for such collaboration.
Khandouzi further praised the recent diplomatic rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, citing the potential economic benefits it can have for both countries.
He expressed confidence that the expansion of economic ties between the two regional powers would be a win-win relationship for both, as well as for the region.
Khandouzi, who is leading a senior economic team, is the first Iranian minister to visit Saudi Arabia since the signing of the agreement.
Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to restore diplomatic ties in March after seven years and to reopen their embassies in each other’s capitals by May. On April 6, the foreign ministers of both countries met in Beijing and issued a joint statement, expressing readiness to remove all impediments to boost bilateral ties.
Khandouzi also said the policy of the Islamic Republic is based on strengthening ties with neighboring states.
“We have had good achievements in the past 1.5 years and expect a rising growth in economic, trade, and investment ties with neighbors,” he said.

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