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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Nine - 11 May 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Nine - 11 May 2023 - Page 6

Iran Expo 2023 a platform for developing export markets

By Sadeq Dehqan
Staff writer
Iran Expo 2023, a showcase of Iran’s export capabilities, attracted over 1,200 traders and industrialists, from 65 countries, to Tehran. The fifth edition of the event, held from May 7 to 10, after a relatively long hiatus, featured 750 domestic companies occupying 35,000 square meters of exhibition space. The industries represented included petrochemicals, technology, medicine, construction, home appliances, food and agriculture, leather, handicrafts, energy, and techno-engineering services.
The chief objective of the event was to foster the development of exports and secure new commercial markets, in accordance with the government’s policy of enhancing diplomatic and economic ties with neighboring countries. The exhibition provided an opportunity for Iranian businesses to put on their capabilities and attract international investors, facilitating the country’s economic growth. The event’s success indicates the potential for increased trade opportunities between Iran and its international partners, opening doors for future collaboration and economic development.

Success of expo
Iran Expo 2023 was highly praised by Kazem Shirdel, the vice president of the Iran-Tajikistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and the chairman of the Joint Chamber of Commerce of Iran-Kyrgyzstan, who noted that this year’s event drew more participants than previous years.
Shirdel said that the exhibition will undoubtedly have a positive impact on expanding and enhancing the country’s exports. He suggested that the planning of the event should include inviting diverse business groups and delegations to the exhibition in a targeted fashion, taking into account market needs and production capacities, and identifying suitable opportunities for these individuals to be invited accordingly.
He added that it is crucial to identify the products that potential visitors require and to ascertain whether the necessary capability exists to supply those products before extending invitations.
Shirdel also disclosed that 45 Kyrgyz businessmen attended the event, with their business group categorized into four distinct segments: construction, cosmetics and hygiene products, medicine, and food. The categories were carefully selected in line with the country’s requirements in the fields of agriculture, food products, medicine, and health tourism. During their visit, the Kyrgyz delegation participated in B2B meetings with members of the chambers of commerce of Tehran and Mashhad, and visited various factories to sign contracts.
According to Shirdel, the policy of President Ebrahim Raeisi’s government to develop ties with neighboring countries has been highly effective in improving commercial relations.
He stated that many obstacles faced by traders have been resolved as a result of the government’s efforts. Shirdel mentioned Raeisi’s first foreign visit to Tajikistan, which settled long-standing issues between the two countries, as an example of successful diplomacy. Moreover, negotiations between Iran and Turkmenistan resolved their gas dispute.
He highlighted the current government’s active role in economic diplomacy, contrasting it with past experiences where Iranian businessmen lacked the necessary expertise regarding commercial and marketing affairs. The businessman remarked that Iranian ambassadors and business consultants are now effectively functioning at embassies to support trade.

Positive impact
on exports
Iran Expo 2023 has had a positive impact on the country’s export performance, according to Mohammed Masoudi, the secretary of the Joint Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Uzbekistan.
Masoudi praised the success of the exhibition, stating that it had provided valuable experience and that the improvements in the quality of the exhibition were anticipated. However, he warned that simply holding an exhibition was not enough to boost the country’s export status. Masoudi emphasized the need to reevaluate some of the nation’s export and production policies to achieve export growth objectives.
Masoudi also stressed the importance of reinforcing and stabilizing existing traditional export markets before venturing into new markets. He suggested that the country may have previously neglected export markets lacking the necessary economic efficiency, and it is crucial to identify the products that potential visitors require and ascertain whether the necessary capability exists to supply those products before extending invitations.
Masoudi noted that holding exhibitions presented an opportunity for the revitalization of export markets that had been diminished due to reasons such as sanctions or the COVID-19 pandemic. This presents a chance to boost exports and strengthen trade ties with these countries.
While the government’s strategy of expanding relations with neighboring countries in the commercial and economic arenas has been advantageous, Masoudi emphasized the importance of ensuring that domestic policies and directives align with this approach. Any deviation from this principle can undermine the effectiveness of the approach.



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