Iran export of mineral products up 12%

Official figures show that Iran’s major mining and mineral companies exported $951.9 million worth of various products in the first month of the current Iranian year, marking a 12 percent growth compared to same period of the preceding year.
According to the released data, mining and mineral companies exported 4.687 million tons of varied types of minerals from March 21 to April 20, registering a 55 percent hike in tonnage, IRNA reported.
The companies exported $34 million worth of iron ore concentrate, $27 million worth of cement chain products, and $22.8 million worth of aluminum chain products to their target markets during the said period.
Also, 281.4 tons of various types of products in mining and minerals’ sector, valued at $300.6 million, were imported into the country during the month to April 20 to meet the domestic demands, showing a 55 and 19 percent growth in value and weight respectively compared to last year’s corresponding period.

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