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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Eight - 10 May 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Eight - 10 May 2023 - Page 2

Optimism on ...

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In the past, Iran has tried several times to normalize relations with Egypt, but the framework of Iran’s relations with Arab countries and, of course, the occurrence of some regional and international crises prevented these efforts from bearing fruit. Now, however, the situation has changed and the West Asian region is moving in the direction of reducing tensions, strengthening stability, and promoting cooperation. Considering recent positive developments such as the conclusion of the war in Yemen, the return of Syria to the Arab League, the visit of a Hamas delegation to Saudi Arabia, we can be optimistic about the normalization of relations between Iran and Egypt.
The improvement of ties between Tehran and Cairo would be beneficial to the interests of both countries and would have a positive impact on the situation of the entire region.
In general, any country that can establish bilateral or multilateral relations with more countries in the world will be more successful in securing its national interests. The agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia will be the source of good events for both countries and the entire region. Therefore, talks between Iran and Egypt should be welcomed.
The media have also quoted Egyptian sources as saying that the two sides are considering a meeting between the presidents of the two countries. Not long ago, it was announced that the king of Saudi Arabia has invited the Iranian president to visit Riyadh.
These reports are clear signs of new conditions in the framework of cooperation and relations between Iran and Arab countries.


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