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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Six - 08 May 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Six - 08 May 2023 - Page 8

News in Brief

‘Mrs. Iran’s Husband’ awarded at Hot Docs, now eligible for Oscar

 IRNA – The Iranian documentary short film ‘Mrs. Iran’s Husband’ won the Best International Short Documentary Award thereby making it eligible for the Best Documentary Short category at the Oscars.
The film, directed by Marjan Khosravi, is a thorough exploration of family dynamics in Iran.
The Canadian film festival, which showcased 214 films from 72 nations, was held from April 27 to May 7.
Out of the 15 sections, only four films were shortlisted for the Oscars, and ‘Mrs. Iran’s Husband’ made the cut.  “This award is rightfully deserved by ‘Mrs. Iran’s Husband,’ an honest family portrait that draws us closer to reality with its non-judgmental and clever narration,” the jury panel stated.  Danish filmmaker Christian Einshøj’s ‘The Mountains’ took home two awards for the Best International Feature and Best International Emerging Filmmaker categories, making it the festival’s biggest winner.

Egyptian artist Henetar dies

Al-Ahram – Egyptian artist Ibrahim Henetar died at the age of 75, his son revealed on social media.
Born on 26 August 1948, Ibrahim Henetar (also known as Hanteer) contributed significantly to the Egyptian creative scene with his paintings, drawings and cartoons published in various newspapers.
A graduate of the Cairo Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Engraving, Print and Graphic, the late artist presented his works in countless local exhibitions as well as internationally, such as at the Roman National Museum, Romania (2006) and during the 18th Gabrovo Biennale in Bulgaria (2007).


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