Raeisi: Iran’s exports break four-decade record

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi said the country has managed to export more than $50 billion worth of commodities during the last 21 months, breaking a 40-year record.
The notable figure demonstrates that the country is fairly determined to support production, the Iranian president said. According to the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA), Iranian non-oil exports had increased 40% year on year in the year to March to reach a total value of $48.6 billion.
Overseas shipments had increased by 9% in volume terms to 122.7 million metric tons (mt).
The figures come as economic experts have hailed the unprecedented surge in Iranian non-oil exports over the past calendar year, saying it is a sign of the country’s growing resilience to the impacts of the U.S. sanctions. Addressing the inauguration ceremony of Iran Expo 2023 in Tehran on Sunday, Raeisi said his administration intends to upgrade the level of most of its commercial and economic interactions.
He added that his administration’s foreign policy is focused on strengthening ties with neighbors and allies and developing economic diplomacy.
“Iran is generally recognized as a country that is rich in oil and gas. However, heavy emphasis on these two sectors has overshadowed other capabilities of the country. The first step in this regard is to introduce the Islamic Republic’s export capabilities and get familiar with those of other countries,” Raeisi said. Highlighting Iran’s growth in different spheres including exports, he maintained that such achievements were made despite U.S. pressures and Western sanctions.
Raeisi noted that Iranian scientists and industrialists have achieved anything that got banned under the sanctions. He added that Iranian economic operators have circumvented and offset the sanctions regime.
He called on executive agencies and businessmen not to stop at this stage, but rather complete the added-value chain in the mining industries, prevent the sale of raw materials, and boost employment, production, and exports.

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