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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Five - 07 May 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Five - 07 May 2023 - Page 7

Iran ranks 17th in production of plants, flowers

The 19th edition of the Tehran International Flower and Plant Exhibition kicked off on Saturday morning at Goftogu Park, with the presence of the mayor of Tehran and city administration officials.
The exhibition aims to promote the culture of flower breeding and friendship among citizens, and more than 250 domestic and foreign producers are participating in the event, ISNA reported.
Ali Mohammad Mokhtari, CEO of Tehran Parks and Green Spaces Organization, emphasized the importance of flowers and plants in improving the quality of life and creating job opportunities.
He highlighted the need for special measures to strengthen export conditions and gain a position in global markets. Mokhtari also mentioned the increase in green spaces in Tehran, with 2,368 parks and over 46,000 hectares of green space in the city.
The official noted that the per capita consumption of flowers in the world is about 100 branches on average, but Iran is far from this per capita. He added that flowers and plants can be a source of hope for humans in today’s world, and Iran is currently ranked 17th in the production of flowers and plants but only 110th in exports.
Mokhtari called for government support to help strengthen the industry and contribute to the country’s production and employment by raising foreign currency.
Mokhtari also highlighted the opportunities in Iran’s climate, with over 8,000 varieties of plant species due to the existence of four seasons in the country. However, he noted weaknesses in packaging and transportation that have weakened export conditions in the field of flowers and plants.
In terms of Tehran’s green spaces, Mokhtari said that before the revolution, there were only 75 parks and nearly 2,900 hectares of green space in the city. Since then, the number of parks has increased to 2,368 parks and the number of green spaces has increased to over 46,000 hectares.
Last year, 1,500 hectares were added to the green space belt of Tehran city, and about 2,000 hectares of fruitful trees will be added this year.
Mokhtari concluded by expressing hope for growth in national production, especially in the field of flowers and plants.

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