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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Five - 07 May 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Five - 07 May 2023 - Page 4

Tangsa waterfall, a popular natural attraction in Mamasani

The city of Mamasani, in the southwestern province of Fars, with a four- season climate, has a collection of waterfalls, canyons and mountains. Tangsa waterfall is among its most popular attractions, drawing a large number of people interested in ecotourism.
There are strange legends about the waterfall, which is regarded by the locals as a source of blessings, IRNA reported.
Tangsa waterfall, which lies in the vicinity of Noorabad, in Fars Province, is 15 meters high. The trees, rivers and cool air of the region dazzle the eyes of every viewer.
The abundant winter rains in the current year caused the springs of this waterfall to erupt. This caused a large number of tourists and locals to visit the waterfall during Nowruz (New Year holidays, March 21-April 2).
Mamasani has other valuable, natural and historical sites including Bovan region, Sarab-e Bahram rock relief, Imamzadeh Shirmard, Mil Ejdeha Tower,  and Sarab-e Siah River.
Sarab-e Bahram rock relief is 2.66 meters high, four meters wide, and shows how four courtiers salute their king with a typical hand gesture. The king is seated on his throne, resting upon his sword, and can be recognized by his crown.
It is the oldest Sassanid rock relief, on which the king faces the spectators. The man with the sword to the far left is Bahram’s vizier Papak, recognizable by the flower on his cap, and the second man from the left is Kartir, with the scissor-like badge.
Located on a rocky and lush hillside is Mil Ejdeha, a fire temple dating back to the Parthian period.
Mamasani is the name of an ancient tribe, with numerous sub-tribes, who live in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. The main tribe resides in Mamasani, in Fars Province, and speak the Lori language.

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