Iranian female swimmer sets 4th Guinness record

Iran’s female swimmer Elham Asghari has set a new Guinness record, getting her name in the famous Guinness World Record book for the fourth time.
The swimmer set her fourth record by pulling a kayak weighing 15 kilograms, with a 40kg weight being inside, according to IRNA. It took an hour and 58 minutes for Asghari to swim 5 kilometers pulling the kayak in the Persian Gulf waters.
She broke the record previously set by British swimmer Nick Watson. He had swum 5 kilometers, pulling a kayak while his disabled son sat in the kayak, within 2 hours and 42 minutes in November 2019.
The Iranian athlete swam with one hand for four hours and 59 minutes to register a new record.
Asghari had also broken a world record after registering 5,488 meters swimming whilst wearing handcuffs in 2019. Back in 2017, the 37-year-old Iranian sportswoman completed the challenge of swimming handcuffed for more than three hours in the Persian Gulf waters.


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