Homegrown syngas reactor installed in Iranian petchem plant

The first homegrown ultra-heavy reactor for synthesis gas (syngas) has been installed at an Iranian petrochemical plant in Asaluyeh, in southern Iran.
Hossein Hashemi, CEO of Iran’s Dena Petrochemical Industries Company, said on Tuesday that the company had ordered the construction of the reactor with a domestic company, after it faced difficulties in importing the equipment due to sanctions on Iran, IRNA reported.
Synthesis gas production is the cornerstone of operations in many industries including petrochemicals.
Syngas is produced by steam reforming, partial oxidation of natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons, or coal gasification.
Hashemi said five syngas reactors have been installed at the Dena petrochemical plant and another seven will be supplied by domestic manufacturers by the end of the Iranian calendar year in March 2024.
He said construction work on the Dena petrochemical plant, which will focus on methanol production, with a capacity of 1.65 million metric tons per year, is 80% complete.

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