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Kenyan anti-government protests resume

Reuters – Kenyan police fired tear gas at a small group of protesters in the capital Nairobi on Tuesday as the opposition resumed anti-government demonstrations following a one-month pause.
The main opposition coalition organised three days of demonstrations in March to protest high living costs and alleged fraud in last year’s election, which its leader Raila Odinga lost to President William Ruto.

Europol take down dark web drug marketplace

AP – Law enforcement agencies around the world seized an online marketplace and arrested nearly 300 people allegedly involved in buying and selling drugs, European Union law enforcement agency Europol said
The worldwide operation targeting the “Monopoly Market,” coordinated by Europol, is the latest major takedown of sales platforms for drugs and other illicit goods on the so-called dark web, a part of the internet hosted within an encrypted network and accessible only through specialized anonymity-providing tools.

Russia summons Polish envoy over embassy school closure

AFP – Russia on Tuesday summoned the Polish embassy’s charge d’affaires after Warsaw closed a school run by the Russian embassy.
The RIA Novosti published a video of diplomat Jacek Sladewski entering the Foreign Ministry in Moscow, three days after Warsaw shut a school for the children of Russian diplomats.
The Kremlin on Tuesday said “nothing good awaits” ties between Poland and Russia.



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