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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty One - 02 May 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty One - 02 May 2023 - Page 4

Ardebil Province a hub of water tourism

The northwestern province of Ardebil, with numerous hot springs, waterfalls, natural lakes and newly built dams has a suitable potential to develop water tourism.
As a subcategory of nature tourism, water tourism can draw a large number of travelers to Ardebil Province. They take a trip to the region to use its therapeutic, recreational, or sports facilities, according to IRNA.
The thermal springs of various cities of the province host millions of Iranian and foreign tourists every year. Ardebil Province has more than 110 springs, 75 of which are thermal, that is why it is known as “The Land of Heavenly Springs”.
Due to the establishment of several hydrotherapy complexes and development of hotels and accommodations in the province, especially in the city of Sarein, water tourism has been developed significantly during the past three decades.
Moreover, the thermal springs of Nir, Meshginshahr and Khalkhal attract tourists from various parts of the country, thus significant opportunities are available for the development of water tourism there.
Meanwhile, numerous waterfalls which are scattered throughout the province are among the other natural sites which are highly attractive to tourists.
Although the enchanting waterfalls encourage many people to travel to the province in the spring and summer, they have their own charms in the winter when they freeze and create an amazing landscape.
In addition, the natural lakes of the province including Shourabil and Neor host people traveling to the province from various cities of the country throughout the year. Due to the development of the provincial capital city of Ardebil in the past year, many local people visit Shourabil Lake, which is presently within the urban environment. A number of shops and accommodations have been established in the area as well.
In fact, the infrastructures built in the province, especially the newly constructed dams, can be used for development of water sports such as boating, fishing, diving and jet skiing. This is expected to lead to an increase in the number of visitors traveling to the region.
In order to realize the objective, Ardebil Regional Water Authority has expressed readiness to hand over its facilities to those investors who are willing to make investment in the sector.
Karim Qaraei, an official of the Ardebil Regional Water Authority told IRNA recently that in order to develop water sports in the region, plans have been drawn up to rent 11 dams of the province to those interested in related activities for a period of 20 years.
He said that the water sector of Ardebil Province has a unique potential providing a suitable opportunity for investors to not only develop their own businesses, but to also generate jobs in the province.
The director-general of Ardebil Province’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization said that Ardebil Province is known as a tourist hub in the country, saying thanks to the plans devised for development of the  tourism sector, the province is expected to turn into one of the main destinations of foreign nationals traveling to Iran.
Referring to the increasing number of overseas tourists of the province, especially Arabic-speaking people, he said that a number of foreign investors including those from Arab countries expressed readiness to make investments in the sector.
Referring to the numerous hot and cold springs scattered across Ardebil Province, he added that the organization devised investment plans to support the businesspersons who are interested in investing in the tourism sector of the province, especially its health tourism sector.
He noted that 91 tourism investment projects have been implemented within the framework of “Ardebil 2023” event, pointing out that 40 projects are expected to go into operation in various parts of the province by mid-March 2024.


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