India determined for further cooperation with Iran

By Nozar Shafiei
Expert on international relations

India’s national security adviser, Ajit Doval, held talks with Iranian officials during a visit to Tehran on Monday.
There have always been many areas for cooperation between Iran and India. However, the cooperation between the two countries has had its vicissitudes.
It seems that three main factors have been affecting relations between the two countries. The first is Tehran’s relations with Washington, the second factor is Tehran’s relations with Arab countries, and the third is Iran’s ties with its eastern neighbor, Pakistan.
Relations with the United States, or rather the lack of relations between the two countries, are not currently posing an obstacle to ties between Tehran and New Delhi.
Although the U.S. has the tendency to politically isolate Iran, the growing relations between Iran and China – a great and serious rival to both the U.S. and India – has caused Washington to allow New Delhi to expand its cooperation with Tehran.
Regarding the Arab countries, with the recent de-escalation of tensions between Iran and the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, this factor has lost its negative impact and may have become a positive factor in the improvement of relations between Iran and India.
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