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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Seventy Two - 19 April 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Seventy Two - 19 April 2023 - Page 2

A powerful Air Force strengthens nation

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Defending the country against the sudden attacks of the Baath army of Iraq was an epic struggle, and the noble people of Iran along with the Army, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, and the Basij volunteer force played significant roles in that great victory. In other words, defending Iran was the most democratic defense of the country in which all walks of life played a role, but the role of some strata including Air Force staff and in particular pilots was pivotal.
The Air Force pressured the enemy to change its strategy from offensive to defensive. In the first six months of the war, the ground forces of Iran had not yet been integrated in the face of the enemy attacks, but, in the meantime, the Air Force managed the battle in the air and on the ground despite all the pressure it faced. Moving forward, the Air Force continued to play a very constructive role in all military operations during the war.
However, Iran’s Air Force has been grappling with both soft and hard wars over the past decades. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, some said Iran was not in a state to fight the war and was not capable of using the advanced technology of fighter jets without the assistance of foreign advisors, but their comments were either out of ignorance or essentially acts of betrayal.
Nevertheless, those people called for disbanding the army and selling fighter jets, arguing that they were inoperable. But in the midst of that chaotic situation, Air Force commanders, and in particular, young officers and pilots, did not allow the Air Force equipment to be damaged. In spite of that, some military contracts were unilaterally canceled, even though it was Iran that had paid for them. As a result, the Army and Iranians suffered the consequences of that unforgivable mistake.
The next battle of the Air Force came in the form of a soft war. It pertained to accusations of staging a coup called Nojeh, which incidentally had been given the wrong name. Nojeh was the name of one of the pilots who sacrificed his life to protect the country.
The measures taken by this proud force were a clear example of timely actions in various fields, especially in its first response to the attacks of the Iraqi Baath regime against the country. The Air Force gave a crushing response less than two hours after the attacks. The Air Force also launched a unique operation called Operation Kaman 99 against Iraq less than 10 hours after the Baath regime attacked Iran. During the first 45 days of the war, the Air Force of Iran dropped more than 100 million pounds of ammunition on enemy positions through more than 6,000 sorties.
Therefore, it must be said that the bravery and self-sacrifices of the Air Force in the first days of the war turned Saddam Hussein’s dream of conquering Iran within a week into a mirage and set many great records of air wars in history.
Now, the name of Iran’s Air Force is reminiscent of the names of warriors and martyrs who had courage, expertise, faith, and knowledge simultaneously. The Air Force of Iran’s Army is a galaxy full of bright stars in the country’s sky, and the young generation should know how Iran survived a long and difficult war.
The track record of this proud force is full of timely actions. Hundreds of books and films should be written and produced in this regard to depict the role of Iran’s Air Force in the war and the rich and valuable culture promoted by its staff and pilots.
Over the past two decades, initiators of wars have again been seeking to gain a quick victory. The Air Force was a very determining factor in speeding up the last war and clinching outright victory for Iran. The equipment used by the Air Force is developed with very advanced technologies since air power is mainly the product of science.
Iran’s Air Force is a complete and clear manifestation of real air power and plays a key role in promoting air superiority in the fields of battle as well as the field of national authority. That is why military experts and statesmen call for establishing a powerful Air Force with advanced technologies so that it can accomplish its missions with the highest speed and in the shortest amount of time possible.


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