Iran-Pakistan trade could top $20b in five years: MP

Sadeq Dehqan

Staff Writer

The trade between Iran and Pakistan stood at $1.2 billion the past Iranian year, which ended on March 20, 2022, announced a member of the Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group, adding the figure is expected to hit $2 billion in the current Iranian year.
In an interview with Iran Daily, Malek Fazli pointed to the capacities of commercial and economic cooperation between the two countries and said if a serious decision is made to develop economic cooperation, the current figure of commercial exchanges would hit $10 billion within two to three years, and $20 billion and even more in a five-year period.
Criticizing that the trade between Iran and Pakistan have not grown significantly so far, he said, “There has been no serious will to develop sustainable trade between the two states.”
“I visited Karachi to participate in a trade exhibition, where Iranian products were highly welcomed by Pakistanis and sold in a short period of time. This indicates the success of our products in the Pakistani market.”
The only thing that can guarantee security between the two countries is the formation of common economic interests, the MP said. Fazli said Pakistan has had desirable relations with Iran throughout history and since it gained independence in 1947, there has always been a warm and friendly relationship between the two countries.

He said: Most of the residents on the border areas of the two countries are Baloch people who live in Baluchestan of Iran and Balochistan of Pakistan.
“Thanks to their family relations, the border residents have established economic ties for many years and have close relations and cooperation with each other. When such strong relations are established between the peoples, the border dwellers themselves are the best ones to guard stable and tension-free security.”
He also said: “The barter of goods on the border of Iran and Pakistan is extremely important, and the government should respect the traditional barter system that was formed in the past and help its development.”
Referring to the necessity of strengthening the border markets, Fazeli said: Currently, three markets, called Rimdan, Pishin, and Kouhak, are active on the borders, but their activities are not sufficient to meet the needs of the society. Three other border markets will be launched soon, which will help strengthen the exchange of products.
“In Sistan and Baluchestan Province, for many years, there was only Mirjaveh Customs Office, he said, adding, “Given the 920km border of Sistan and Baluchestan Province with Pakistan, at least six more customs offices are needed.”
The Rimdan and Pishin customs offices have officially started work, and are expected to involve in barter system, the MP concluded.


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