Iran, Iraq sign agreements to boost bilateral ties

Iran and Iraq have signed new agreements in transportation, trade, power, electricity, gas, water, banking, and financial interactions during their fifth meeting of their joint economic commission, Iranian Economy Minister Ehsan Khandouzi said Monday.
Speaking at a joint press conference with Iraqi Trade Minister Atheer Daoud al-Ghurairy in Baghdad, Khandouzi said bilateral trade has increased by 20% over the last 11 months. He emphasized the positive cultural and economic interactions between the two neighboring nations, saying security and common cultural are the driving force behind the ongoing development of bilateral ties.
With more than seven million people traveling between the two countries as travelers and pilgrims, the strengthening of economic relations between Iran and Iraq is expected to continue to grow, Khandouzi added.
He also pointed out the similarities in the neighborhood diplomacy of the Iranian government and the policies of the Iraqi government, expressing hope that the steps taken in the past would continue, leading to further enhancement of relations between the two nations. The signing of the new agreements is expected to provide a significant boost to the economies of both Iran and Iraq and further promote cultural and economic ties between the two neighboring nations.

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